Renting a car can massively enhance your travel experience by providing the freedom to explore destinations at your own pace. Whether you’re organising a road trip, attending business meetings, or simply requiring something to get you from A to B, having a comprehensive understanding of car rental can save you both time and money. This blog aims to explain essential tips for a seamless car rental experience, covering aspects such as securing the best deals, understanding rental costs, and navigating the rental process efficiently. For those seeking a touch of luxury, having luxury car hire options in London can elevate and improve your journey and experience.

How to Get the Best Deal When Renting a Vehicle

Finding the ideal deal requires a combination of timing, research, and strategy. You can start by comparing prices from marketplaces and rental agencies, encompassing both major companies and local establishments. Booking in advance can secure a more favourable rate, as prices tend to rise closer to the date. Additionally, consider opting for an extended rental period, as weekly rates often prove more economical than daily ones.

Loyalty programmes represent an additional advantage for savvy renters. Enrolling in a rental company’s loyalty programme can unlock a range of benefits, including discounted rates, priority service, and complimentary upgrades. Do not overlook the advantages of package deals; sometimes, bundling your rental with flights and hotels through travel websites can lead to substantial savings.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car?

The cost of hiring a car can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of vehicle, rental duration, and location. Economy cars like the Toyota Yaris Cross Design, Mini 5-Door Hatch 1.5 Classic, VW Golf 2.0 TDI R-Line, and more are generally the most affordable option, while luxury vehicles like Rolls Royce Cullinan, Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, Ferrari F8 Spider, Lamborghini Aventador S, and more demand premium rates as mention in our website. The duration of the rental period is a critical factor in determining the cost, as longer rentals often result in reduced daily rates.


Insurance represents another significant component of rental costs. While it’s tempting to decline additional insurance to save money, understanding the coverage you need and what your personal insurance covers is crucial. Sometimes, your credit card offers rental insurance as a benefit, which can lower the overall cost.

What Affects the Price of Hiring a Car?

Multiple factors contribute to the cost of car rentals. In addition to the fundamental rental rate, taxes, and fees can substantially increase the final bill. Location surcharges, particularly for airport rentals, may also contribute to elevated costs. The time of year is a determining factor, as peak travel seasons often increase demand and prices.

Fuel policies

Fuel policies are another consideration. Options typically include returning the vehicle with a full tank or pre-purchasing a tank of fuel. While the latter is convenient, it may not be cost-effective if you don’t use the entire tank. Finally, age can impact pricing, with younger drivers frequently subject to additional fees.

What is the minimum age requirement for car rental?

The minimum age for renting a car varies by country and rental company but for QDrive Performance, it’s 2x years old. This policy ensures a safe and responsible rental experience for our customers. We always recommend reviewing our age-related policies and guidelines when considering a car rental with QDrive Performance.

What Documents Do You Need to Hire a Car?

Essential documentation includes a valid driver’s licence and a credit card in the driver’s name. An international driving permit (IDP) may be required if your licence is not in the language of the country where you’re renting. Proof of insurance, whether personal or purchased through the rental company, is also necessary.

What to Do When Returning a Hire Car?

When returning your rental car, ensure it’s in the same condition as when you picked it up to avoid extra charges. Refill the fuel tank according to the agreed-upon policy, and allow ample time for the return process before your flight or appointment. Inspect the car with a company representative present to confirm there’s no new damage.

What Are ‘Added Extras’ When Hiring a Car?

Added extras can elevate your rental experience, but they may also contribute to increased costs. Choices include GPS systems, child seats, additional drivers, and insurance upgrades. While some extras are essential to meet your requirements, others may be deemed unnecessary. Assessing what you truly need versus what you can do without is key to managing your rental costs effectively. Moreover,  QDrive Performance allows the addition of baby and booster seats at no extra cost.

Renting a car doesn’t need to be an intimidating or overwhelming task. With the right knowledge and preparation, you can navigate the process smoothly and enjoy the journey, whether you’re behind the wheel of a standard car or indulging in the luxury of a high-end vehicle in London.

Experience Ultimate Luxury with QDrive Performance

A comfortable, stylish, and sophisticated experience awaits you in London. With QDrive Performance, luxury car hire in London transforms from a simple rental transaction into a gateway to delighting in the luxury and elegance of the world’s most luxurious vehicles. Whether you’re in the city for business, pleasure, or a special occasion, our fleet of premium cars is carefully curated to ensure your travel is not just about reaching your destination but about revelling in the journey itself.

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