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The Top 5 Car Hire Questions, Answered:

When renting a vehicle from QDrive Performance, you’ll need to ensure you have the following essential items at hand:
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • A valid form of identification.
  • A credit or debit card.
  • Recent proof of address (this should be a utility bill or bank statement dated less than 2 months old).
  • Proof of age, indicating that you are over 25 years old.
For international drivers, there may be additional documentation requirements. All drivers are required to present a full and valid driving license. If your driving license is in a language or script different from the country of rental, you will also need an International Driving Permit. We recommend verifying whether local authorities mandate the presentation of an International Driving Permit for foreign drivers to avoid potential fines. Renters with licenses from countries not part of the International Driving Permit Agreement should carry a certified translation of their license.Additionally, all renters must provide a valid photo ID, which can be in the form of a driving license, passport, or ID card. Visitors to the UK must also furnish proof of return travel and accommodation details during their stay.Please note that a major debit or credit card is essential to cover both the security deposit and the rental costs.
No, at QDrive Performance, there is no need for you to purchase separate insurance when renting a car or van. We include a comprehensive damage waiver as part of the overall cost of your hire. This waiver provides coverage and peace of mind during your rental period, ensuring that you can enjoy your driving experience without the need for additional insurance expenses.
Age Requirements for Car and Van Rentals:
To rent a car or van from QDrive Performance, all drivers must meet the following age criteria:
  • Minimum Age: The minimum age for all drivers is 25 years old.
Please note the following additional age-related restrictions:
  • Premium Vehicles/Exotic Cars and Luton Vans: To rent full-size MPVs, premium vehicles/exotic cars, and Luton vans, drivers must be over 27 years old.
These age requirements are in place to ensure the safe and responsible use of our vehicles. Please ensure that you meet the specified age criteria before making a reservation.
When renting a car from QDrive Performance in the UK and Ireland, it’s essential to adhere to the following driver’s licence requirements:
  • Full, Valid Driving Licence: All drivers must present a full and valid driving licence.
  • Non-EU Licence Holders: If your driving licence is not in English and you’re a non-EU licence holder, you are required to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to your non-English licence.
  • Photographic ID: All renters, regardless of nationality, must provide photographic identification. Acceptable forms of photographic ID include a passport or a driving licence.
  • International Renters: International renters visiting the UK and Ireland must show the following documents:
  • Passport.
  • Proof of return travel (e.g., return flight itinerary).
  • Residency information while in the UK.
These requirements are in place to ensure compliance with local regulations and to facilitate a smooth rental process for all customers. Please ensure that you have the necessary documents when renting a vehicle.
At QDrive Performance, we have specific policies regarding the use of debit cards for car hire:
  • Accepted Debit Cards: We accept all major debit cards with the exception of pre-paid cards.
  • Higher Deposit for Debit Cards: If you choose to use a debit card for your rental, please be aware that this may be subject to a higher deposit amount compared to credit card rentals.
  • Credit Card Requirement for Specific Vehicles: For the rental of our SUVs, 4x4s, and premium vehicles, we do require a credit card. Debit cards alone may not be sufficient for these specific vehicle categories. The card used for payment must have the main driver’s name on it.
  • Identity and Address Verification: For customers using debit cards, we will conduct an identity and address verification check as part of our rental process.
These policies are designed to accommodate different payment methods while ensuring the security and reliability of the rental process. Please ensure you have the appropriate card for your chosen vehicle category when making a reservation.
For your convenience and enjoyment, QDrive Performance offers a special service that allows you to hire one of our vehicles and take it on a road trip or holiday in the European Union (EU). However, please note the following details:
  • Additional Charge: There will be an additional charge associated with this service, which covers the cost of driving the vehicle in the EU.
  • Terms and Conditions: To take advantage of this service, you must meet our terms and conditions, which will outline the specific requirements and responsibilities for EU travel.
This service is designed to enhance your flexibility and travel options, ensuring you can explore the European Union with one of our exceptional vehicles. Please feel free to inquire further or review the terms and conditions for more details.

Excess & Deposits Explained

At QDrive Performance, it’s important to understand the distinction between excess and deposits, as they serve different purposes:

  • Deposits: A deposit is mandatory for all rentals, and its amount varies based on the vehicle being hired. For instance, if you’re renting a vehicle from our Luxury Range, the security deposit will amount to £5,000. Deposits are collected in the form of a Pre-Authorisation payment. This means that the money remains in your bank or on your card but becomes temporarily unavailable for use during your rental period. Importantly, deposits are fully refundable if the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it was provided to you.
  • Excess: The excess is a pre-agreed amount that varies depending on the specific vehicle. This figure is outlined in your rental contract under “Excess.” It represents the amount you are responsible for in the event of an accident where the insurers consider the vehicle a Total Loss. Excess amounts can range from £5,000 to £80,000. For example, if you are hiring a Mercedes G63, the excess may be £80,000, while for a VW Golf, it might be £5,000.

Note: In cases of fault accidents where the vehicle is deemed repairable, you will be billed only for the cost of repairs and any associated off-road charges, or the excess, whichever is lower. In the event of a non-fault accident, all damage charges will be billed to the Third Party. However, if such billing is unsuccessful, you may be held responsible for damage charges.

Assessing Damages and Charges

At QDrive Performance, we understand the importance of distinguishing between regular wear and tear and actual damages. Here’s how we measure and handle damages:

  • Damage Evaluation: We employ a Damage Evaluator to make sure that you are not unfairly charged for minor issues. If any dent, hole, or scratch on the vehicle is smaller than the circles indicated on our Damage Evaluator, you will not be held responsible for those damages. Our evaluation process adheres to the guidelines set by the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association).
  • Fair Wear and Tear: We do not charge customers for fair wear and tear, acknowledging that some degree of wear is expected over the course of a rental.
  • Reporting Damages: In the event of any damage to your rental vehicle, please follow the instructions outlined in your rental agreement summary. This will provide you with the necessary guidance on how to report and address damages.

Our commitment is to ensure that you are treated fairly and transparently when it comes to assessing and addressing any damages to the vehicle you have rented from us.

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