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SUV 4 X 4

BMW X7 M Sport

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  • Diesel, Hybrid

  • Automatic

  • 6 Persons

  • 3.0L X-Drive

  • 281

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Exterior Features

M Sport Design Elements

  1. The BMW X7 M Sport typically includes sporty design enhancements, such as unique M Sport front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and other distinctive exterior details.

M Sport Wheels

  1.  Expect larger alloy wheels with a specific M Sport design, which adds to the vehicle’s athletic appearance.

Signature Kidney Grille

  1.  Like other BMW models, the X7 features the iconic BMW kidney grille, which may have M Sport-specific accents.

Interior Features

M Sport Interior Trim

  1.  Inside the cabin, you’ll often find M Sport-specific interior accents, including an M Sport steering wheel and M Sport badging.

Premium Materials

  1. The BMW X7 offers a luxurious interior with high-quality materials and finishes, including premium leather upholstery and wood or metal trim.

Infotainment and Connectivity

iDrive Infotainment System

  1.  The X7 typically comes equipped with BMW’s iDrive system, which includes a large touchscreen display, a rotary controller, and voice commands for accessing navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

  1. Depending on the model year, these smartphone integration features may be available to connect your smartphone to the infotainment system.

Safety and Driver Assistance

Advanced Driver Assistance

  1.  The BMW X7 often includes a comprehensive suite of driver assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, parking assistance, and more.

Safety Features

  1.  Expect advanced safety features like multiple airbags, stability control, and collision mitigation systems.


Powerful Engine Options

  1.  The X7 M Sport variant typically offers powerful engine options, including inline-six and V8 engines, delivering impressive performance and acceleration.

M Sport Suspension

  1.  The M Sport suspension system is designed to provide sportier handling characteristics while maintaining ride comfort.

xDrive All-Wheel Drive

  1.  Many X7 models come with BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system, which enhances traction and stability in various driving conditions.

Comfort and Convenience

Luxurious Seating

  1. The X7 often features comfortable and spacious seating for up to seven passengers, with options for second-row captain’s chairs.

Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control

  1. The vehicle typically offers multi-zone climate control to maintain a comfortable cabin temperature for all passengers.

Panoramic Sunroof

  1. A large panoramic sunroof may be available for added openness and natural light in the cabin.

Power-Operated Tailgate

  1. The power-operated tailgate makes it easy to access the cargo area.

Keyless Entry and Ignition

  1. Many X7 models include keyless entry and push-button start for convenience.


Fuel type

Diesel, Hybrid

Gear type



6 Persons

Vehicle class

SUV 4 X 4

Engine Size

3.0L X-Drive



ACC. 0-62 MPH

7 Sec

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